All students residing on campus must have a meal plan.! It's a great value and it is SMCC's policy that all designated Campus Residents purchase a meal plan each semester.

Flex Dollars are cash values included in all meal plan. They work like a pre-paid debit card with funds kept on your student ID card. Flex Dollars may be used at any on-campus dining location.

They are carried over from the fall to the spring when a new meal plan is purchased in the spring. They are not carried over from year to year.

Block plans may be used all year round while the dining hall is open and are active as long as you attend SMCC.

Yes! Changing to a bigger or smaller meal plan for residential students can be done during the first 2 weeks of school. Please fill out a meal plan change form found at Oceanview Dining Hall at the registers.

If you live off-campus, you can purchase a 10, 25 or 40 Commuter meal plan. All of these plans can be purchased Monday – Friday at Oceanview Dining Hall or Seawolves Café or Online. We will need your campus ID in order to process your purchase.

Beacon Bucks are cash values that can be transferred through the Financial Office in the Campus Center during the first 2 weeks of each semester. At any time they can be purchased at any register at all dining locations on campus also online. They are not tied into a meal plan, but can be purchased in any amount throughout the semester in $5 increments and are carried over from year to year as long as you are enrolled in school. Faculty and Staff are encouraged to purchase Beason Bucks for themselves!

Block Plans are structured as a block of meals to be used at your convenience throughout the semester. If you run out of meals on a block plan, you can always add another block of meals.

Yes! the "everyday" app is available and has features and functionalities designed to make mobile dining easy, safe and convenient. View menu's and nutritional information, filter by dietary need or preferences, use your meal plan/credit/debit card to purchase and then pick up your order and enjoy.

Download the app for free:

Once downloaded, create and account, link your meal plan and you're ready to start mobile ordering. 

We're here for our guests and always love to hear what you think!  We have several ways you can give us suggestions and/or feedback. You can visit any of our locations and submit a comment card or even go to our feedback site 

Yes! We have many plant-based menu options, and we add more recipes every semester. There is a dedicated area I the dining hall with a gluten-free fridge stocked for our guests, as well as a dedicated microwave and toaster.

Communication is the key to addressing food allergies and dietary needs. Prior to or immediately upon arrival to campus, please inform our General Manager, Adam Vigue ( so he can advise you on how to navigate the dining hall safely. We also have a Dietitian ( available, who provides individual consultations and can create a dining plan that works for you. 

Yes, you can! We offer sweet treats, snack packs, gift packages and care packages, as well as other items for many occasions on our website.

Yes, the SMCC Catering department is available for your catering needs—large or small—from meetings, receptions, and elegant dinners to budget-friendly club catering. For details, please visit the catering website.